Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Hi there and welcome to our little blog. We figured it was about time that we added this facet into our digital presence, I mean, we’ve only been full-time RVing for two and a half years now! When we first started this traveling lifestyle, I was so engrossed in capturing it in photos and film – it’s what felt most intuitive to me and to be honest I’ve been a bit intimidated about the written part. But in the spirit of trying new things, especially things that push you outside your comfort zone, here we are.

Man on Mountain
Brad living on the edge in Big Bend National Park
Woman and red rock cliffs
Me deciding if I should literally take the leap

I love that with this written component people will be able to do keyword searches and easily find the info they’re looking for, as opposed to our main content arena: YouTube. You can gleam a fair bit from our video descriptions but you’d kind of have to watch through a whole video to catch all the little tips we throw out there. But be sure to still check the videos out too! Making videos of our travels is definitely a passion of mine and we seriously end up capturing some pretty spectacular footage: starlapses, moonrises, wildlife, and those funny little moments that just don’t translate into writing.

Long exposure photo of star movement
Winter nights in the Anza Borrego Desert

So, I really wasn’t sure where in our timeline to start the blog. I mean, there are so many past adventures worthy of posting about, but I think what I’ll do is just start with the present. There will definitely be throwback posts to some of our favorite places, and we’ll do some compilation posts: Best Hikes in Arches, Top 5 Free Campsites and so on. I’m sure we’ll include posts about our must have RVing gear and our camera equipment, all that good stuff.

So, what else can you expect from this blog? Details! Where we camped, the cost, hiking trails, and helpful hints like where we provisioned or found propane. We love to boondock (free dispersed camping on public lands) as much as possible, so we’ll also share the hidden gems we find along the way. You’ll probably read about us picking up trash at a BLM campsite, whether we felt safe in a remote spot, where we dropped off our recycling, and whether or not a small-town grocery store carried organic produce.

Rv and Cactus
Boondocking in the Sonoran Desert

Since one of my passions is nature photography, you can also expect to see lots photos of this incredible world of ours. Brad’s also going to contribute posts about RV repairs and maintainence or about any number of his repurposing projects (think: homemade sandals made from tire treads!).

This blog will really be a complement to our YouTube channel – which we’ve had going from the start. We post new videos every Wednesday and the channel has an enormous amount of travel inspiration, so be sure to check it out!

I expect that this blog will evolve over time and hopefully my voice and writing skills with it! I also hope this will become a place to meet other travelers, share information, and create community.

People and dogs at Colorado welcome center
Our little traveling family

Until next time~

Maggie Pitcher

Hi, I’m Maggie! I enjoy exploring new cities but my real passion is spending time in nature. Hiking, kayaking, and photography all fill my cup to the brim, as does spending time with my sweet little family. We’ve been living and traveling in our motorhome since 2016 and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made. When I’m not scrambling up waterfalls or researching our next stop, I spend my time video editing for our YouTube channel, blogging and taking pictures – we love this way of life and have no plans to stop anytime soon!