Boondocking at Stewarts Point: Lake Mead

Boondocking at Stewarts Point: Lake Mead

I can pretty well remember every place we’ve visited – especially since we film our travels and I spend a lot of time working with the files – but there are definitely those places that stand out above the rest. Stewarts Point is one of those spots. It’s a place we visited very early into our travels but it was such a memorable time with clear starry nights, rainbows, and Brad playing our electric keyboard on the beach! If you want to check out that visit, you can find the video here. Anyway, it was pretty exciting when we realized we would be passing nearby and able to stay at this spectacular site once again.


  • Stewarts Point is National Recreation Area land and does have an entrance fee – unless you have a National Parks pass
  • There is a 15 day stay limit and the amount of rigs that can camp here is basically unlimited
  • Turn off Highway 165 at GPS 36.394537, -114.424770 then you’ll drive 2 miles in before you reach the lake
  • The road in is pretty slow going: the paved area is very wavy and the dirt road is pretty wash-boarded
  • Once you hit the beach area it becomes very rocky. There is very scenic camping right from the get-go or you can drive further to the right to get more privacy – but the roads get more rugged and are pretty rutted
  • We used the dump station and fresh water spigots within nearby Valley of Fire State Park ($10 entrance fee)
RVs camping next to Lake Mead
There are endless possibilities for places to camp

We stayed here from November 11-17 and enjoyed some really great Fall weather. Well, actually we had some super windy and chilly days at the beginning but things warmed up for the rest of the week and we averaged low 70s during the day. It still cooled off a lot after dark but that’s just how it is in the desert. Without the crazy wind, the water looked even more beautiful and showed some really pretty reflections of the surrounding hills.

Mountains reflecting on a lake
It was particularly beautiful at sunset

We just enjoyed a really relaxed week: working, walking the dogs, gazing out the windows and making hearty food. On Tuesday nights Brad often makes dinner because I’m scrambling to finish the week’s video to upload overnight (we publish to YouTube every Wednesday) and for this week he made us lentil penne with pesto, broccoli, peas and carrots. Super filling and surprisingly full of protein! The next evening I took a drive back down the highway about 15 miles to shoot the sunset. On our way in I had remembered thinking the mountains and valleys were really stunning so I set out to find a good spot to pull over and found this view:

Mountains and sunset
I caught a great sunset but navigating back to the campsite in the dark was a bit tricky!

Whenever we can, we love to fly the drone and get that bird’s eye view of a place. It really adds something special to our videos but it also gives us a new perspective on a place as well. We try to be super respectful of other campers and usually only fly the drone if no one else is around. Toward the end of the week our closest neighbor had left for a while, and it was the lunch hour, so it was a good break time for Brad. We headed down the cliff to the water’s edge and got some great footage. I also noticed a really beautiful type of rock. I asked our YouTube viewers what they thought it might be and I got: gypsum, clear quartz, and salt crystals. Still not sure but I think gypsum is most likely as a viewer had found some in that area before.

Clear stone being held up
I love to find unique rocks in the different places we visit

We wrapped up our time here with a visit to the incredible Valley of Fire State Park which was just a 15 minute drive from our boondocking spot – but more about that visit next time!

Be sure to check out our video from Stewarts Point to see Brad’s sweet drone footage!

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