Wrapping Up in St. George: Utah

Wrapping Up in St. George: Utah

As you might know from our previous St. George post, Brad had gotten our new car all set up to be towed behind the motorhome…except that when we went to hook up and leave, none of the lights were working on the car. This meant another week in town so he could troubleshoot the problem but it also meant we got to spend a little more time with family.

Three people on a sandy hiking trail
Brad with his sister and brother-in-law on the trails

Since we had all ready moved the motorhome with the intention of rolling out, it was a good time to freshen the tanks and get more propane. We struck out at our two usual places for doing that and ended up finding Nielsen RV. They have a free dump station and fresh water spigots, and propane for sale, all right in their parking lot making for a very convenient stop. We picked up some toilet paper from their store as well, but cringed later when we looked at the receipt and saw we had paid nearly $8 for a 4-pack – highway robbery! I also spotted a women’s hybrid bike for sale on craigslist that had barely been ridden, so we went and picked that up too. I’m actually pretty sad to say goodbye to my old beloved clunky cruiser, Oscar, but it was just so heavy and only had three gears – this new one can fly!

In all our weeks in St. George, we’d certainly enjoyed the outdoors by mountain biking, playing pickleball, and rock climbing but there were also many days spent working and being knee deep in projects, so when we finally got a break in the cooler weather, we were more than ready for a hike. We connected with Brad’s sister, her family, and his mom to head over to Snow Canyon State Park.

Most of the trails here are fairly short but offer breath-taking scenery. We did the Hidden Pinyons trail, a short and relatively easy 1.5 mile loop. Then we headed over to check out the Petrified Sand Dunes. There’s a short walk from the parking lot and then are some trail markers after you hit the dunes, but we just enjoyed meandering on them and catching the sunset.

People hiking as the sun sets
You should definitely include a stop at the Petrified Sand Dunes at Snow Canyon State Park

As we were walking along the dunes, we also noticed this super interesting phenomenon – crazy, right!?

sand balls forming on top of sandstone
little balls of sandstone

As far as figuring out our tow car wiring situation, Brad dove right in. His dad had done a lot to assist with the first round of wiring and they had even tested out the lights by directing power from the battery to different pins on the trailer cable socket, with success – so it was a bit perplexing at first when things didn’t work. His dad was no longer in town but they had some helpful phone conversations. Since the pins on the socket had worked, Brad figured it was likely an issue further upstream, so he tested different connections with the multimeter, which led him strengthen all the wire connections within the cable. He did the same for the connection plug on the RV. He removed the 5-to-4 wire converter and upgraded to a six diode lighting system in the car. He also discovered the tail lights on the motorhome and the car weren’t receiving power because of a blown fuse which was easy enough to replace. It made us realize we had no idea how long that fuse had been blown and how long we’d been driving around without tail lights. We’ve resolved to check on those much more often! It was a huge relief to get that all figured out and I’m continually amazed by Brad’s willingness and skillfulness in tackling mechanical and electrical projects.

Two people smiling

The other fun little bits from our last week in St. George were that we checked out some holiday lights at the Red Hills Desert Garden and we put a big Wanderland Travelers decal on the side of the RV! There goes our anonymity!

See all the fun in our video:

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