Boondocking at Heart of Mojave East: Needles, CA

Boondocking at Heart of Mojave East: Needles, CA

Sometimes you just need a place to stay the night and we’ll always choose BLM land over a rest area or truck stop – those can be so noisy with semis coming and going. Out West, BLM land is plentiful and this spot was actually quite scenic, even though we were barely off the highway. One downside to this spot was all the trash around the site. There was a mattress and old tires, lots of broken glass. We collected the smaller items that we could in an effort to leave the site better than we found it – an important way we can help ensure that these lands stay available for us all to enjoy!

Sunset behind mountains
Look for the semi on the road to see how close to the highway we were


  • This is free camping on BLM land with a 14 day stay limit
  • It’s listed on Campendium as a 4x4 location but big rigs would be fine in the large area closer to the road
  • GPS 34.594137, -114.632756
  • This is no-frills, side of the highway boondocking but there are pretty mountain views and if you have a more rugged vehicle you could go further in
Solar panel and distant mountains
You can see another rig has driven closer to the mountains

Our intention was to be here only for one night but when we went to roll out the next day, we turned on our Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and one of our RV tires was registering a psi of only 45 when we usually keep it around 95psi. We checked it out and could see that we had a nail in the tire and knew it wasn’t really safe to drive on. Thankfully we have roadside assistance through our vehicle insurance, and after a relatively painless phone call to Progressive, we set an appointment to have them come by in the morning.

Sunset with layers of mountains in the distance
I get excited every time I see a scene like this

Roadside assistance put on our spare tire (which we learned is a 2003 tire and something we should probably replace soon as you shouldn’t drive long distances on it) and off we went to Parker, AZ. We found State Line Tire where they patched our original tire and rotated our tires – all for about $115. They said the patch should last the life of the tire and overall we were really pleased with how well they took care of us! They recommended we tighten all the bolts on the tires after 50 miles of driving but since we didn’t have the right size tools (and couldn’t find them at the local hardware and auto stores), we rolled back in to State Line after we’d put on about 100 miles and they took care of the tightening for free. We can’t say enough great things about that place!

Check out our episode and be sure to watch til the end where we visit a super quirky, kind of creepy, roadside attraction!

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