Finding Community on the Road

Finding Community on the Road

Community. It’s something that nearly every person craves and you might think that moving into an RV and hitting the road sounds like a lonely endeavor – well, like many things in life, it will be what you make it to be. There are so many options for meeting other travelers: you might meet people at your campground or your neighbors out in the boondocks or you can go straight to the source and join an RVing group.

Several people smiling at camera
Friendships seem to develop quickly among travelers -- there's so much common ground


Some meetups are free but most groups do have a membership fee or you have to buy event tickets, or both. There’s Bob Wells’ Rubber Tramp Rendevous: the RTR and the WRTR (which is women-only), these are annual meetups in Quartzsite, AZ. You’ve got the FMCA, the Family Motor Coach Association and the many events they host each year. There’s Nomadfest put on by RV Nomads. You might like the RVillage Rally a socializing event with seminars and live music or the RV Entrepreneur Summit for networking and strategizing your mobile business. Then there’s the Xscapers – the group we recently joined. The Xscapers are specifically geared towards working age RVers and they host several convergences throughout the year including a trip to Baja, a sky-diving meetup, a summer concert gathering in Colorado and so much more.

And the best part is that you don’t have to chose just one group. We know several folks who attend many of these. Being that we really like to chart our own course, joining just one group made sense for us – we prefer not to have too many scheduled events limiting our travel radius!

Woman hiking in a slot canyon
There is not one right way to travel or socialize, just get out there and start exploring!


Our first experience with Xscapers happened totally by accident. It was July 2017 and we were heading to a beautiful boondocking spot in Ketchum, Idaho. I had seen that someone we follow on Instagram was already there. We reached out through the app and made plans to meet. Well, this person knew several other folks in the area as well, and we ended up meeting up with everyone a couple times and learned that most of them were in the Xscapers group. Everyone was really nice and laid back and that kind of laid the foundation for us. The Annual Bash is held every January and since we knew we would be in Florida for January 2018 we didn’t join the group just yet. When we realized we’d be in the desert for January 2019 we figured it was time to see what this group was all about – plus we looked forward to seeing many of those Idaho friends again!

RV parked in a sweeping green valley
The sweet spot we stayed at in Ketchum, Idaho


We actually started off this year at the Xscapers New Years Eve party in Quartzsite which was a fantastic way to ring in 2019 and then 12 days later we attended the Annual Bash in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The Bash was held at the SARA Park Rodeo Grounds and had 300+ RVs and over 500 people in attendance. They offered several different camping areas so you could choose the one best suited to you: the Solar section, Solo Travelers, Families, the Party section, and the General section. We chose Solar, figuring with the abundant sunshine in the desert we’d be just fine. The organizers did say that if there were cloudy days it would be ok to run a generator in that section if it were only for a couple hours, being thoughtful of your neighbors. We ended up having a couple days with nothing but clouds and rain, but Brad was determined not to rev our noisy genny next to our fully solar capable neighbors, and we made it through!

Hundreds of RVs parked at the Rodeo Grounds
View of the Rodeo Grounds from our hike up Lizard Peak

The Annual Bash was nine days of speakers and presentations, potlucks and happy hours, games and sports, and music and dancing. There were endless opportunities to meet new people and it was easy to bond over all the shared experiences. Brad really enjoyed playing kickball, hiking some of the awesome nearby trails, and the Xscaper Olympics which had three-legged races, pin the sewer hose on the RV, and limbo among many other activities. Some of my favorite events were the 80s Night dance party, yoga, hiking, and the Margarita Throwdown where dozens of people made their favorite recipe and we all sampled them, mingled, and voted for our favorite.

Four new friends in black & white
Our friends Margot and James just before we all had to say farewell

We just had such a positive experience, made so many friends, had many more late nights than we’re used to, and left with unforgettable memories. We truly did find our community on the road. When the Bash ended, many people broke off into smaller groups to caravan to new places. We had a need to go recharge and unwind at the coast and so off we went. While we’ll still mostly be traveling on our own, we very much look forward to those times ahead when we’ll cross paths with our new tribe.

Check out our video for all the fun:

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