We are the
Wanderland Travelers

We are the
Wanderland Travelers

Hi! We’re Brad and Maggie and we’re just a couple of fun-loving adventure seekers who decided to start carving our own path. We moved into an RV and have been traveling fulltime since May 2016 with no plans of stopping anytime soon! With Brad’s ability to work from the road as a software engineer, we realized that the only thing holding us back was ourselves, so we we put our house on the market, sold or donated basically all our stuff, and a month later we were living aboard our motorhome, the Starship Fenderprise (aka Fendy). Our life wouldn’t be complete without our amazing sidekicks Paco and Pepper – chihuahua/terrier rescues that are superb travel companions and snugglers.

Two Chihuahuas

Our rig is a 2003 Fleetwood Bounder class A motorhome. She’s 33’ long with two slides and honestly quite a bit more motorhome than we need, but she has treated us well and taken us places we never dreamed of going. We recently upgraded our tow car to a manual 4x4 2010 Nissan Xterra and for recreation gear we have bikes, an inflatable kayak, and an inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP). We are absolutely in love with the nomadic lifestyle and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

RV parked by a bridge and ocean

Our Roles:

Brad handles all the outdoor aspects of the rig like filling gas, oil changes, dumping tanks, etc. He is our driver and drone pilot, he puts in a 40+ hour work week, and even tackles repairs and parts replacement on both vehicles. I handle the indoor aspects of rv life: meals, getting the rig ready to move, and I typically lead the charge on renovations. My main role, however, is creating content for our brand Wanderland Travelers! I make weekly videos for our YouTube channel, run our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and now this blog! We both do trip planning, with Brad mostly looking at routes, dump stations, and campsites while I research hikes, breweries and the things we shouldn’t miss in the area. We make a damn good team, if I do say so myself!

Maggie here – a little bit more about me!

Woman at White Sands National Monument

My interests include photography, filming and video editing for our channel, hiking, kayaking, finding new places to explore, and spending time with our super sweet pups. I love checking out thrift stores in the different locations we visit and I tend to keep a rotating closet of bargain threads. Some of my favorite things are waterfalls, New Mexico piñon coffee, and 80s music. I would put almost any meal on a ‘bed of greens’ (Nachos, yup. Lasagna, sure. Spring roll bowls with peanut sauce, oh god yes!) and I still have hope that someday I’ll get into a regular yoga routine. It might surprise you to know that I hate going to the grocery store but I love putting groceries away – it means we are well-provisioned for the next adventure!

What has surprised me the most about this lifestyle:

  • The fact that our adventure list keeps growing instead of shrinking over time
  • The ease with which we transitioned into tiny living
  • Just how adaptable we can be to all the new situations we find ourselves in

My travel philosophy: Get outside of cities and live in nature. Watch as many sunsets as possible. Tread lightly, respect nature, and go with the flow. Let yourself get giddy about rainbows, lightning, shooting stars and howling coyotes.

Favorite travel quotes:

  • ‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list’ ~Susan Sontag
  • ‘Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt’ ~John Muir
  • ‘Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown’ ~Anthony Bourdain
  • ‘Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain’ ~Jack Kerouac

You can read even more quirks and fun facts about me here

Brad here – a little bit more about me!

Man on fly board watercraft

My interests include water sports, bike riding, hiking, juggling, unicycling, playing piano and accordion, and programming. My favorite way to explore a new location is by biking or walking around and if there’s a chance to go paddle boarding I’m going to take it. Fun facts about myself: I adore musicals, I don’t use windows or mac on my personal computer (I use Linux), I once built a 3D printer from scratch, and my hair was straight until I hit puberty. It might surprise you to know that I don’t play computer games. My favorite color is sunshine yellow and something that I really need everyday is physical activity. And, I hate nightmares but I love lucid dreaming!

What surprised me the most about this lifestyle: How much I feel at home despite being constantly on the move.

My travel philosophy: Always keep moving, but not too fast

People who inspire me:

  • Elon Musk, for his strength in adverse conditions. He sets his mind to things others think impossible, and just makes it happen
  • My dad, for his constantly great attitude about life. I am always trying to be more like him