Wanderland Maggie

Wanderland Maggie

Hi, I’m Maggie! I enjoy exploring new cities but my real passion is spending time in nature. Hiking, kayaking, and photography fill my cup to the brim, as does spending time with my sweet little family. We’ve been living and traveling in our RV since 2016 and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made. When I’m not scrambling up to waterfalls or researching our next stop, I spend my time video editing for our YouTube channel, blogging and taking pictures – I truly feel like we’re living the dream.

That’s not to say that there aren’t downsides to this lifestyle: since we love to boondock (wild camping on public lands with no hookups), it means we’re always careful about our water consumption…which means far fewer and shorter showers. We no longer have a dishwasher or laundry machines so those chores take a lot more time than they used to. We sometimes spend the night in truck stops, Walmarts, and rest areas which often means loud engines running right next to our bedroom all night. There were a lot of physical comforts we gave up to live this way but for us it was completely worth it. I think it’s all about keeping an open mind and embracing all the aspects that make this life what it is.

Woman jumping in Monument Valley
I was a little excited about visiting Monument Valley

Back to the fun facts: I absolutely love animals and seeing new wildlife is one of my favorite parts of traveling. I’m definitely more of an introvert and am a bit of a home-body, which is perfect since we take our home with us wherever we go! I appreciate lots of different kinds of music but Brad really helped revive my love of the 80s and it’s what we listen to the most often on our driving days. I’m a gluten-free pescatarian and I honestly think I haven’t met a vegetable I didn’t like. My favorite state is Oregon – I mean it has everything: the rugged coastline, waterfalls, lush forests AND snow-capped peaks – and it’s actually where we lived for about a decade before we started RVing, so we have a great community of friends there too!

ocean and rugged coastline
This is my kind of paradise

If you didn’t know it, Brad is the one who makes our traveling lifestyle possible. He works from the road as a software engineer, putting in regular 40+ hour work weeks. He’s always down for an adventure, be it a sunset photoshoot or a 10 mile hike. He handles the repairs and maintenance for the RV, he never complains about taking the Paco outside when I’m too scared (we’re almost always in coyote country), and I wager that he washes the dishes more than I do. He’s also incredibly kind, funny, generous, and adventurous. I would not be the person I am without this amazing human in my life.

People standing with a waterfall
He always indulges my need to visit nearby waterfalls

My life goals are pretty straightforward. I want to see as much of the world as I can, starting with our own incredibly beautiful country – then I would love to explore Australia, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Iceland and Peru, just to name a few! I want to write a book someday about our travels that showcases my photography and hopefully inspires others to get out there and see the world! I really do want to get into a regular yoga routine because I think flexibility is key to long-term physical health. I want to try sky-diving, ocean diving, zip lining, and hang gliding. I want to feed elephants out of my hand and watch Grizzlies grabbing salmon out of a river. I want to experience as much of the world as I can and be the best person I can be!